Pawsie - paw fur trimmer

Safely & effectively protect your dog from discomfort, pain, & infections with our quiet, easy-to-use Pawsie trimmer.

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Happy Customers

My dog loves it

Whenever I use to trim my German Shepherd's paw hair, I'd also accidentally cut his paw pad and make him bleed, so I got Pawsie to help with that and I'm happy to say that its actually safe and very easy to use.

Jesicca A.

No more trimming tantrums

I'm finally done with having to chase my dog all around the house to trim their paw hair. Pawsie is very gentle & low noise and that's perfect for my dog because she gets scared easily. I'm so glad I bought it!

Anna C.

Its great, I love using it!

Pawsie helps me trim the hair in the areas that I can't safely reach with scissors or other shaving methods. I can make sure that I remove all of the built-up dirt, bacteria, or mud that was stuck deep in between my dog's toes, and feel relieved knowing she's safe from infections.

Jared S.

My dog was in pain until I bought her this!

I haven't shaved my dog's paw fur in so long, so its been causing her pain every time she walks for the past 3 months now. I bought Pawsie to help me remove whatever was causing this, and it actually works! Its smooth, easy-to-use, and it keeps my dog feeling calm the whole time.

Jaccy B

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Here at Irries we understand the struggles and worries that come with trimming your pet's paw hair. For that reason we put forth all of our effort to perfect our customer experience and we hope to bring ease into all of our customers' and their dogs' lives!

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